Press Kit

Download the entire Electronic Press Kit, including press releases, author biographies, author images, and book cover. Hardway Back EPK is a ZIP file.

You may also download the elements one at a time:

Press release (DOC format)
Press release (PDF format)
Author autobiography (DOC format)
Author autobiography (PDF format)
Author photo color 150x225 (JPG)
Author photo black & white 150x225 (JPG)
Book cover (JPG format)
Book cover 3D (JPG format)
Outdoor Network 2015 (JPG format)
Background Photo (JPG format)
Sound bite (MP3)
Video bite (WMV)

Newspaper Articles (PDF format):

Kodiak Daily Mirror, Nov 14, 2012
South Bend Tribune, Nov 11, 2012
Niles Daily Star, Aug 23, 2012

TV & Radio Interviews:

The Harvest Show, Jan 2, 2013 (YouTube clip)
Dan Small Outdoor Radio, Jan 3, 2013
Christian Devotions SPEAK UP! Sept 25, 2013

Kent's Youtube page featuring his outdoor adventures